General steps to manage this site:

Write the name and the mother’s name.

 Send the form (in the case of the pre-structured treatment to
increase the joy the person should ask for the  treatment several times a day. It is important to remember that joy is a very high goal and the person should work hard to reach it).

 The treatment is spiritual and does not require any particular action except asking for the treatment.

 It is also important that you do actions to increase the joy as taught on this site in order to increase your joy and to discover your Soul and thus live in a miraculous reality.

 Requesting to increase joy/happiness is the way to reach every goal in life and to  live in a reality of miracles.

 It is important to point out that when a person seeks for a treatment on this site to  increase happiness the Holy Baal Shem Tov also knows what is his/her primary desire and which the  person’s volition is as well. All these will also direct the intention and focus of the treatment.

Please keep in mind that the Light of joy/ happiness is a general Light that affects  everything

So a person who wants to work on himself /herself through the joy/ happiness is  not focused on solving problems but on increasing joy/ happiness and in such a way, the Light of the  Soul can be discovered within the dimension of the Soul itself and only then miraculous laws start to  operate in our lives.

 It’s important to remember – only a person registered on this site will receive healing!

Daily treatment

Please, write your name and mother’s name
and request from the Rabbi to increase your joy.

 Beyond a general request to increase joy, it is
advisable to be precise according to your personal
situation, and why you do need reinforcement to
increase joy.

 Ask for treatment as many times as needed.

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