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This treatment is targeted to increase wealth in your life. It is a pre-built one for strengthening your abilities to earn money  and healing your  fears  anxieties and problems that stopped you to earn money.

Write your name and your .mother’s name  Also write the request for healing.  And at the same time write what do you want to achieve We always works on this two aspects : The wealth that you want and the things that you must heal to achieve it.,     Send the form. This is the way to get treatment.  You can request unlimited treatment.  It is advisable to ask for treatment at least 8 times a day at different times  during the day:morning, midday and  afternoon..

Explanation: All the treatments on this site are based on the Light received (the  influence from THE HOLY BAAL SHEM TOV) and on the  tool (the payment)  And since the payment for this  kind of treatment is very low, it is important to ask  it for several times a day.

The treatment is spiritual and requires no action from you except seeking treatment.

It’s important to remember Only a person listed on the site will receive healing!

Daily treatment

Write your name and mother’s name and request from the Rebbe to increase your wealth. Beyond a general request to increase wealth, it is important to ask exactly what do you need to cure o change to achieve your goal according to your personal situation  Ask many treatment as you need to achieve your goal.

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