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This treatment is focused for people who have finished treating their problems on the healing site and want to continue their healing on that topic or other problems  without much haste  Or for people with few financial resources who still want to reach their goals knowing it will take time to get them

In this treatment you can treat any problem and reach each goal. At first it is very important to focus on a single problem and only when you have reached your goal can you begin to treat another problem. After a good  time of being on the  site,you can treat at the same time, but only if you have the ability to concentrate and  ask for treatment any time as you need to cure your problems  

Write your name and your .mother’s name   And write down the problem that you want to cure or the goal that you want to achieve and send the form. This is the way to get treatment.  You can request unlimited treatment.  It is advisable to ask for treatment at least 8 times a day at different times  during the day:morning, midday and  afternoon.

Explanation: All the treatments on this site are based on the Light received (the  influence from THE HOLY BAAL SHEM TOV) and on the  tool (the payment)  And since the payment for this  kind of treatment is very low, it is important to ask  it for several times a day.

The treatment is spiritual and requires no action from you except seeking treatment.

It’s important to remember Only a person listed on the site will receive healing!



Automatic daily treatment

Write your name and mother’s name and the main requests for treatment from the Rebbe.
(Only after you have achieved your goal you  can ask for an other goal) It is important not to rely on this treatment. Is just a supplement for the daily treatment


Daily Treatment

Write your name and mother’s name and request only one treatment from the Rebbe at the same time. Specify your application as much as possible to get better results and do not write general headlines like Physical Healing because it is too general and will not receive  to much in a such general definition Ask as many treatments as you need  in order to achieve your goal.

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Continuation Treatments

Aware of difficuties beyond problems

How to write your treatment

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What is your part in the healing

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