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General Steps to manage the site

This treatment is focused to cure all kinds of illnesses (body and soul) and problems and reach your personal goals

Write your name and your .mother’s name  Also write your request for  healing.  And at the same time write the aspects of your problem or goal that you want to heal, Send the form. This is the way to get treatment.  You can request unlimited treatment.  It is advisable to ask for treatment at least 8 times a day at different times  during the day:morning, midday and  afternoon.

Explanation: All the treatments on this site are based on the Light received (the  influence from THE HOLY BAAL SHEM TOV) and on the  tool (the payment)  And since the payment for this  kind of treatment is very low, it is important to ask  it for several times a day.In addition to these treatments you have here, you can add treatments on the site through the « treatments » category as needed

The treatment is spiritual and requires no action from you except seeking treatment.

It’s important to remember Only a person listed on the site will receive healing!





Daily Treatment

Write your name and mother’s name and therapeutic request from the Rebbe. Specify your request as much as possible to get better results And please dont write general headlines like physical healing  because its too general and won;t give much results. Invest some energy to write down a good definition of the problem/issue Request the treatment (s) as many times as you need. You should ask for the desired treatment form
several times a day (no less than 8 times a day) according to your need in order to  achieve the desired results Write a treatment-focused application and submit
the form.  If you want to request another treatment, ask for it individually.


Training videos for site members only

How to write your treatment

Why problems and how to treat them

General Plan


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